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3 Reasons to Choose a Self-Catering Villa For Your Next Trip to Rondel Village

Destination vacation planning is a process, one that requires answering lots of questions! For example, to cook or not to cook? If you’re the primary chef in your home, then you know that’s always a good question! But, when deciding on the right beach resort for your dream Jamaican vacation, maybe even more so.


The dining options you choose for your vacation are essential; what you select can directly impact the vibe, and your enjoyment of, your beachfront getaway. There are multiple dining options to pick from, too; do you want all-inclusive, or partly-inclusive? Self-catering, fully catered, or something else in between?


It’s a tough choice, we know. At Rondel Village, we’ve made the culinary decisions easier for our guests, both new and returning.

turquoise water and sandy beach

Our guests who stay in one of the beautiful resort’s spacious villas and villa suites don’t need to decide whether to dine-in or out for the duration of their stay before they arrive. Why? Because at our award-winning Jamaican beachfront resort, guests in our villas and villa suites enjoy the advantage and intimacy of a self-catering villa but, also, have the option to select a meal plan. Or, guests can decide to mix-it-up a little, and try a bit of both.


Our goal is to help you to be fully immersed in your dream vacation. That means having the experiences you choose, which is possible in Negril, as there’s something for everyone to experience! 


Read on for our three reasons why a self-catering villa at Rondel Village is a great idea.

Focus on Romance

Self-catering villas at Rondel Village offer enhanced privacy and intimacy while having direct access to the amenities and services of our premier resort. If cooking romantic meals with fresh, local produce and ingredients are on your vacation’s to-do list; then a self-catering villa is a good fit for you. 

sandy beach and foliage

Bonus: Our one-bedroom beachfront villas have a private whirlpool spa.

Family Friendly Jamaicafamily strolling on white sand beach

Families looking to enjoy their family holidays with the amenities and conveniences of home will enjoy our two or three-bedroom villa suite options. The fully equipped kitchens are perfect when traveling with picky-eaters. Our spacious villa suites provide more room than a standard resort room, good to keep energetic bodies moving while parents relax.

Inclusive to All Preferences

If you love the idea of a self-catering vacation, but your traveling companions don’t quite feel the same way, a Rondel Village villa will keep everyone happy. While the happy chef of the group prepares a menu using fresh Jamaican ingredients, send the others to The Village Spa, Rondel’s on-site spa. At The Village Spa, our attentive staff expertly pamper guests; for couples, it’s an experience that should not be missed.


Self-Catering Villas at Rondel Village: A Super Decision

What will your Jamaican dining choices include? Do you see yourself strolling the world-renowned 7-Mile Beach at sunset, after an intimate, self-catered meal with your loved one? Or, does your stay in the resort town of Negril involve dining out and sampling Jamaica’s national dish (it’s available at our premier open-air restaurant!)? For flexible dining options and unparalleled guest services, book one of Rondel Village’s villas for your upcoming Jamaican vacation.

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10 Reasons Vacationers Return to Rondel Village Beach Resort for Their Winter Getaway

Nestled along the 7-Mile Beach is our oasis-like resort, Rondel Village, and it’s unlike any other you’ll find in Negril, Jamaica. Our exclusive, villa-resort offers our guests privacy and tranquility while staying in our spacious, elegant accommodations that are situated amidst lush tropical gardens.  

Sound like paradise? We think so. And so do many of our visitors and guests; they prove that to us by returning to our warm-weather resort time and again. What brings so many tourists back to us year after year? Continue reading to get an understanding of the captivating allure of Rondel Village.

Impeccable Hospitality

Guests at Rondel Village quickly learn they’re much more than temporary visitors at our resort, they’re also part of the extensive Rondel Village family! For over 30 years our top-notch hospitality services have exceeded our guest’s expectations, leading many to return to our piece of paradise for a second, third, or even tenth time.


“Had another great stay at rondel village. Housekeeping staff is excellent (we had Donna), but all of them are friendly. We feel like we are going home when the staff sees us; then takes the time to ask how we have been and welcomes us back. Always like catching up with Delroy at the bar, best bartender on the beach.

We really like the villas and have booked for next April again. First class operation”.

~Vangove, TripAdvisor Review, Sept2019

Dinner with a View

Our restaurant and bar, located just steps off of our white-sandy beaches, nourishes both the body and the soul. Fuel your senses with the spectacular ocean views in the dining lounge and indulge your tastebuds with locally inspired dishes prepared by our exceptional chefs. A dining experience that’s guaranteed to satisfy all your cravings, and bring you back for more!

Rondel Village Outdoor Dining Room

Indulgent Spa Treatments

A Negril vacation isn’t complete without a relaxing day at a premier spa! Many of our returning guests are known topedicure with blossom petals repeatedly take advantage of our amazing spa services, located on-site at The Village Spa. Our modern, luxurious, spa and salon help guests maximize their vacation relaxation while enhancing physical wellness.

Blog: 6 Reasons You Need a Spa Treatment


in Abundance

Many couples have chosen to say, “I do” at Rondel Village, so it’s not surprising we often have previous wedding guests vacationing together in one of our villa’s or beach-front suites. Romance and Rondel Village just seem to naturally go hand in hand! Couples that began their journey together on Jamaica’s romantic west coast are some of our most loyal guests.

Interested in an Eco-Friendly wedding? Learn how to plan one here.

Waterfalls and Scenic Pools

Breathtaking scenery and waterfalls are one of the reasons so many tourists are drawn to the tropical island of Jamaica each year and, also why so many choose to return. Guests staying in Negril, at Rondel Village, can easily access some of the island’s best natural sights. Tours to unforgettable local gems can be arranged with assistance from the front desk staff upon arrival or at any point during your stay.

Waterfall in Jamaica with lush vegetation

World-Class Rum

Rum, a sweet, amber-hued spirit that’s appreciated around the globe has impressive roots in Jamaica. Close to Negril is Appleton Estate, Jamaica’s highly reputed and oldest rum production facility. Rum connoisseurs and casual spirit drinkers who prefer the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship of Jamaican rum, return to the source whenever possible.

Sustainable Tourism

Many of our guests want to see the world while protecting the planet, so they choose to make Rondel Village their destination of choice. Managing our resort using exceptional sustainability practices allows us to serve our visitors without compromising the environment. Our commitment to sustainability has earned us the Travelife Gold Award. Travelife is an international standard used in the tourism industry to promotes and encourages sustainable resource management.

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

Jamaica’s 7-Mile Beach is on our doorstep. A world-class, picture-perfect beach with white sand, turquoise waters, sunset over caribbean waterand kept warm with heat from the Caribbean sun cannot be found elsewhere in the world! Rondel Village is a dream destination for sun lovers and beach-goers. Once they’ve felt Jamaican sand between their toes, there is no way to keep them from coming back!


to Swoon Over

Sunsets on the west coast of Jamaica are the best in the world! Spectacular shades of pink, orange, and red put on a dazzling show every day at sunset. Ticket and admission to the Caribbean spectacular included with every reservation made at Rondel Village.

Experience the Allure for Yourself

Does first-class hospitality, picture-perfect sunsets and scenery, delicious food, drinks, and cultural excursions sound like an experience you would return for? Find out for yourself! It’s time to book your winter getaway to Jamaica. Want more information before booking? Contact the exceptional staff at Rondel Village here.


Rondel Village is a premier resort destination favored by Jamaica’s vacationers for over thirty years. A family-run business, Rondel Village is the perfect location for experiencing the beauty, culture, and friendly people of Negril, Jamaica. 

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Eco friendly destination wedding

4 Must-Do’s When Planning An Eco-Friendly Dream Destination Wedding


Eco friendly destination wedding

Four Must Do’s When Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Climate change is a serious concern; it’s something that affects everyone, regardless of location or circumstance.

Eco-conscious couples who want to plan a dream destination wedding may be concerned about the impact a destination wedding may have on the planet. Couples are increasingly choosing to say “I do” in ways that support, not just their commitment to each other, but their commitment to global integrity. Fortunately, there are ways for couples to have the destination wedding of their dreams while taking care of planet earth. 


Can a destination wedding be Eco-Friendly?
Yes, it can! How? With care, planning, and by partnering with a venue that has expertise in both wedding planning and sustainability, management practices. With a bit of pre-planning, an eco-friendly, destination wedding is easier than you may think. Want tips on planning a green and dreamy destination wedding? That’s easy too: simply keep reading.


Support Sustainability

First, choose a location that is known to support good envTravellife Gold 2019-21ironmental practices, like Rondel Village. A premier resort in Jamaica, Rondel Village has over 30-years of experience in sustainable management. It’s how they’ve always cared for their lush, two-acre, beach-front property.

Years before eco-friendly options became an expectation of holiday-makers, Rondel Village was pioneering “green” resource management within the Jamaican resort industry. A destination wedding at Rondel Village is ideal for those couples wanting to start their journey in a way that supports environmental awareness and protection. 


Indulge in Farm-to-Table Cuisine

Celebrate your nuptials with a farm-to-table fresh dinner prepared exclusively for your dream wedding using only fresh-ingredients, sourced locally. Farm-to-table freshness has been a standard part of the Rondel Village dining experience for decades. The resorts Local Community Policy and their on-site greenhouse ensures fresh, seasonal, ingredients are always on the menu.


Leave Only Footprints

couple walking along beach

Minimize the global footprint of your Jamaican destination wedding by making the conscious effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Follow the three R’s of eco-sustainability to create a beach wedding that is both easy on the eyes and on the planet. 

Ideas that are easy to incorporate in your destination wedding are:

  • Reduce. Reduce paper waste for your wedding by opting for electronic invitations and notifications. Say good-bye to wasteful, non-recyclable paper products, and hello to eco-friendly and creative email options. Your guests and Mother Nature will appreciate your personalized and waste-free efforts.
  • Reuse. Reuse decor items. Take full advantage of elegant decor options provided by your destination wedding venue. Expert wedding coordinators can personalize the theme and decor of your wedding to your satisfaction by using classic pieces already on hand. Save on checked-baggage fees and limit your impact on the planet? Win-win!
  • Recycle. For the ultimate eco-conscious bride, opt to wear a vintage wedding dress on your big day. Let the romantic notions and styles of yesteryear help captivate your partner and invited guests by wearing a re-claimed or upcycled wedding gown. 

Not into vintage? Select attire options that are in-line with your wedding vision and kind to our planet. Example: choose apparel for you and your wedding party that can be easily worn after your big day is over. 

Choose Seasonal Florals

red hibiscus bloom

Flowers at weddings are a traditional “must-have.” For wedding bouquets, arrangements, and other floral decors use flowers that are in season. Destination weddings located in Jamaica have year-round options for couples to have fresh, in-season, and locally grown flowers to accentuate their weddings. 

Sustainable Start

Dream weddings can be indulgent and eco-friendly when held at Jamaica’s Rondel Village. Wedding planning can include both your desires and the planet’s needs if sustainability is chosen as part of the planning process. For a dream destination wedding in Jamaica that meets your exclusive tastes and doesn’t harm the planet, choose the sustainability and wedding experts at Rondel Village. It’s a great way to start your journey into marriage on a solid, sustainable foundation.


Rondel Village is a premier resort destination favored by Jamaica’s vacationers for over thirty years. A family-run business, Rondel Village is the perfect location for experiencing the beauty, culture, and friendly people of Negril, Jamaica. Contact the vacation experts at Rondel Village and start planning your dream vacation today!

Rondel Village spa

6 Top Reasons You Need a Rondel Village Spa Treatment

People come to Negril to get a break from their fast-paced routines; to refuel their spirits and restore their strength.

Why Negril? Because, vacation-goers seeking a relaxing vibe, warm Caribbean sun, and picture-perfect sandy beaches know Negril, Jamaica, is the destination that doesn’t disappoint. The region’s spectacular sunsets, welcoming culture, and numerous activities are why tourists seek the paradise of Negril, year after year.

What better way to recharge, refresh, and improve your well-being than with top-of-the-line spa treatments at Negril’s premier spa? Consider Rondel Village’s top reasons why indulging in a spa treatment during your Negril vacation should be a must on your vacay’s itinerary!

flop flops on the beach

Beach Ready Toes… at the Beach!

Take one of your trip planning tasks off your list. Wait until you arrive in Negril to have a delightful foot treatment for flip-flops and sandal-ready toes. Book your pedicure for shortly after you arrive to maximize your experience. How? Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment while you adjust from being travel-weary and jet lag. It’s a win-win!

Boost Your Relaxation Factor

Jamaica is renowned for being a bit more laid back and easy going than elsewhere. It’s important when you’re in Negril to take in as much of the chill culture as you can. Before returning to the hustle and routine of non-island life, be sure to immerse your senses with a massage, body treatment, or any other amazing spa sessions – some of which are available cheaper during one of our seasonal specials.

Recover From Adventure Activities

Are you a thrill-seeker who’s eager to check out the more adventurous sides of Negril? If so, once your adrenaline rush is over take a trip to Rondel Village’s spa! Relieve aching muscles or sore spots you may have incurred during an adventure excursion with a rejuvenating spa treatment. 

a couple have a massageShare a Romantic Experience at the Rondel Village Spa

Couples can’t help but choose Negril as a favored location to holiday and reconnect with each other. Before stepping onto the famous 7 Mile beach for one of Negril’s legendary sunsets, share a private treatment together. Couples treatments are an indulgent and memorable way to experience your time together in Negril.

Allow Yourself to be Pampered

While in Negril, allow yourself to be taken care of. Enjoy the expertise of the friendly and experienced spa technicians while you lay back and  just…relax. Let go of any tension or stress you may have while you undergo a hot stone massage, a deluxe facial, or any other treatment you prefer. Vacation is the right time to put yourself first, while in Negril, be sure to take full advantage!

Fuel for the Home Trip

Before heading on your long trip home, take one last opportunity to soak in some relaxation. Get plane-ready with a body treatment that will leave your skin looking as refreshed and relaxed as you feel! Go home with a “just-after-spa” glow in addition to the fond memories we’re sure you’re taking with you.

lotions for spaSpa Treatment: A MUST on Your Negril Vacation

Your time in Negril should be an experience that’s all about you. Let go of your stresses with a soothing massage, an invigorating body scrub, or any deluxe treatment on Rondel Village’s spa menu. After you’ve had an amazing spa experience, keep your sense of serenity with some of our other tranquil amenities. Unwind in the turquoise waters, re-fuel by sampling genuine Jamaican fare, or check-out some popular attractions nearby. 

However you choose to spend your time in Negril, be sure it’s an experience that meets your needs.


Rondel Village is a premier resort destination favored by Jamaica’s vacationers for over thirty years. A family-run business, Rondel Village is the perfect location for experiencing the beauty, culture, and friendly people of Negril, Jamaica. Contact the vacation experts at Rondel Village and start planning your dream vacation today!

things to do in Negril - Rondel Village Blog

There’s Something For Everyone in Negril, Jamaica

As you plan your next trip, rest assured Negril, Jamaica is a top destination for travelers of all kinds. Wedding goers, adventure seekers, family vacationers, honeymooners and everyone in between will be satisfied by all the things to do in Negril.

For example, Negril is home to world-renowned attractions and entertainment venues. Negril has a delightful resort-friendly atmosphere with entertainment options that go beyond Jamaica’s breathtaking sunsets and epic beaches.

At Rondel Village, we want guests to experience the best Negril has to offer. Regardless of travel-style, there are experiences for all that infuse Jamaican culture, cuisine, and of course, it’s unparalleled beauty. For ideas on things to do in Negril while staying at Rondel Village, consider the following activities:

Negril Things to Do for the Adventure Enthusiast 

Ziplining near NegrilFor those that add adrenaline to their holiday to-do list, Negril has what thrill-seekers want. Engage and delight the senses with a Jamaican adventure; choose a heart-pounding experience that many adventure enthusiasts rave about. 

Indulge your adventurous spirit and at the same time explore the lush forests, entrancing waterfalls, that make up much of Jamaica’s rich, natural beauty. Some of our most popular adventure options are:

  • Trail Rides on Horseback. Meander through Jamaica’s lush forest while practicing your equine-riding skills. Get an up-close look at historic locations while exploring forested trails. For the real adventure seeker, take a dip with your horse in the warm waters of the Caribbean. 
  • Tubing. Floating down Jamaica’s Great River is an experience that should not be missed! Keep cool in your single-rider inner tube while being guided through waterfalls amidst the Great River’s gentle, tumbling waves.
  • Ziplining. Zip through the forest’s canopy at heights not for the faint of heart for an experience to both thrill and inspire your senses. While flying through the air, enjoy Jamaica’s lush forests from a viewpoint you won’t soon forget.

To book your epic Negril adventure experience, contact the tour experts at Rondel Village. Guests that stay at our award-winning sustainable resort are provided with transportation when choosing certain select tour options.

Family-Friendly Fun in Negril

Family vacations in Negril can become cherished family memories. Keep your family happy and entertained while experiencing the relaxing Jamaican ambiance. At Rondel Village, we recommend families try the following fun experiences:

  • Water and Adventure Park.  Enjoy an afternoon, or an entire day, of full-on family fun at Negril’s Kool Runnings Adventure park. From May to October Rondel Village’s guests can visit the kid-friendly park for a high-energy and unforgettable time. 
  • Beach Day. Indulge in a simple and enjoyable family day at the beach. Rondel Village visitors have only to walk a few steps from their guest room to arrive at a sandy, sun-drenched destination. 

Easy access to Negril’s famed 7 Mile Beach is available for all our guests. When staying at Rondel Village, the perfect place beach from which to play in the calm Caribbean waters or, construct epic sandcastles, is right outside your door.

Cruise for Crocs, Tour a Rum Estate on Horseback or Enjoy Waterfalls

Destination weddings, reunions, and other large travel groups often face the challenge of finding waterfalls near Negrilactivities that all can enjoy together. In Negril, that challenge is a non-issue. Many fantastic entertainment options will please your crowd; ideal for groups of varying size, age and composition.

When hosting a large group at Rondel Village, we recommend the following attractions to visit during your stay.

  • Crocodile Watching. Relax from the comfort and safety of a river-boat to enjoy Jamaican’s ecologically diverse wetlands. While floating along the calm waters of Jamaica’s Black River, take in the sights of numerous bird species, various mangrove trees, and keep watch for a sighting of the endangered American Crocodile! 
  • Plantation Tour. Discover the history and science behind Jamaican’s rum industry with an immersive tour at a renowned local rum estate. Complete with cocktails and complimentary tastings, a visit to Appleton Estate is sure to please everyone in your party. 
  • Waterfalls for the Win. Win over everyone in your group with a visit to one of Jamaica’s majestic and enchanting waterfalls. Visit one, or multiple, of Jamaica’s breathtaking waterfalls with your group during your vacation. An experience sure to refresh and invigorate everyone in your party.

Negril is Everyone’s Destination

Negril, Jamaica is a piece of paradise that we, at Rondel Village, are proud to boast. 

Because, in Negril, Jamaica, we know there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Relax on the beach as a family. Cruise through the forest on an ATV. Devour Jamaica’s national dish. Or, even tour historical estates while on horseback. Of course, this is only a fraction of all the things to do in Negril but these are all worth a try!

Guests staying at Rondel Village don’t have to leave if they don’t want too. We have everything on-site for a dream Caribbean experience. Food, spa services, beach, nightlife, and amazing hospitality. But, if you’re looking to venture a little bit beyond our borders, we’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

Rondel Village is a premier resort destination favored by Jamaica’s vacationers for over thirty years. A family-run business, Rondel Village is the perfect location for experiencing the beauty, culture, and friendly people of Negril, Jamaica. Contact the vacation experts at Rondel Village and start planning your dream vacation today!

wedding ceremony setup by the ocean

Five Reasons Negril is the Perfect Destination for Your Dream Wedding

Rondel Village is a premiere destination for couples looking for a dream Negril destination wedding experience. With miles of world-renowned sandy beaches including 7 mile beach right outside our door, breath-taking sunsets, and Jamaica’s welcoming culture, Negril satisfies all the checks on a bride and groom’s to-do list. Read on for 6 reasons Rondel Village based in Negril is the perfect destination for your dream wedding.

Ackee and Saltfish Recipe

Ackee and Saltfish is a traditional Jamaican dish that is served at Rondel Village.

Dream Cuisine 

Jamaican food has heat, is sweet, and pairs perfectly with celebratory gatherings — especially those that are nuptial in nature. Rehearsal dinners, wedding celebrations or post-wedding brunch are memorable ways to indulge in Negril’s Jamaican fare.

 The Rondel Village Restaurant is the perfect setting to host each of your wedding’s catered events. Jamaican cuisine prepared at it’s finest, Rondel Village’s locally sourced dishes and spectacular seaside view enhances wedding celebrations that our dining guests rave about.

Negril Culture & Things to Do for Wedding Guests

Want to explore the Negril’s vibrant scene between scheduled wedding events? Negril has just what you’d expect from the Jamaican jewel, venues and shops that are relaxed and inviting. If venturing out of  Rondel Village, visit one of Negril’s other local gems.

  • Royal Palm Reserve. The tropical grounds of the Royal Palm Reserve in Negril’s Great Morass forest are perfect for an invigorating break from busy wedding hustle and bustle. The visual delights of the over 300 species of birds, butterflies, and reptiles at the eco-reserve make this stop one of Negril’s top destinations.
  • Scuba Diving. Take the ultimate plunge while on your wedding trip with a guided scuba diving experience.  Scuba diving, snorkelling, and other amazing experiences await you and your guests, all just a short distance from the  friendly oasis of Rondel Village.
  • Negril Lighthouse. Romance and lighthouses seem to naturally go hand-in-hand. Take your new spouse for an intimate spin around Negril’s beloved lighthouse and enjoy some much needed one-on-one time.
Ocean by Rondel Village in Jamaica

Turquoise waters provide a delicate background, perfect for a Negril destination wedding.

Spellbinding Sunsets on Jamaica’s West Coast

Does your dream destination wedding vision include a sunset ceremony? If so, then a Negril wedding is the ONLY choice for you! Sunsets in Negril cast tropical hues of orange, pinks, and reds, that just simply don’t exist elsewhere. Negril is famous for its alluring and inviting sunsets.

Bonus! Watching the sun go down isn’t just a dreamy experience of the senses; sunset gazing is actually good for your health! Saying “I do” while the sun sets will not only cast the perfect lighting to capture amazing wedding pictures with, but, can also improve you and your guests well-being.

What better way to start a marriage than with some Jamaican infused health and happiness!

Preferred Seclusionentwined fingers in the sand - Rondel Village

Wanting to share your big day with friends and family doesn’t mean you want to share it with everyone. Common concerns couples have while planning their destination wedding revolve around privacy expectations and how venues will accommodate those concerns.

A destination wedding in Negril will minimize any concerns you may have surrounding privacy. Negril has wedding venues where security and intimacy are maintained. Negril wedding-goers at premiere resorts, like Rondel Village, can rest assure that the only people attending your wedding are the ones on your guest list.

Customize your Negril Destination Wedding Experience

Negril destination wedding

Private ceremony venue on the beach at Rondel Village.

Couples who select Rondel Village for their Negril destination wedding enjoy the unique benefit of customizing their wedding experience. Theme selection, itinerary preferences, and excellent care of your guests are services wedding visitors have come to expect at Rondel Village. 

Accommodating couples’ unique requests is a priority the operators at Rondel Village are proud to boast. After three decades of hosting destination weddings in Negril, Rondel Village is equipped with a perfect blend of experience and expertise to give you the Jamaican wedding of your dreams. 

Rondel Village – the Ideal Negril Wedding Venue

Destination wedding dreams really do come true for the couples who select Rondel Village to exchange vows. For over thirty years, the dedicated professionals at our family-run resort have been making wedding dreams come true while creating loyal guests that return year after year. We look forward to hosting you and yours.

Ready to start planning your perfect wedding at Rondel Village? Click here to book your dream Negril wedding today!

Monty and Melissa wedding vows renewal Rondel Village

Say “I do” Yet Again: Renewing Wedding Vows

For married couples, there are many reasons to renew their marriage vows. Indeed, they are as varied and unique as the couples themselves. Perhaps the first ceremony was a hasty civil marriage, or maybe the marriage is becoming weary, lackluster and is needing some romance — or maybe the couple just wants to rejoice in their continuing love.

In any case, renewing marriage vows is a hot trend these days, and many choose to echo the beauty of their marriage by celebrating in beautiful surroundings. That’s where Rondel Village comes in. Monty and Melissa recently renewed their marriage vows at Rondel Village and had this to say: “Rondel is our place, we’ve stayed there many, many times. So when it came time to plan our 25th wedding anniversary celebration on the beach there was no question of where it was going to be.” Their spectacular celebration, surrounded by good friends, and warmed by the Jamaican sun and the calming sound of the waves, was truly worthy of honoring this milestone in their lives.
seating for wedding vows renewal


Celebrate Your Silver or Gold Anniversary in Style

A silver or gold anniversary are certainly reasons to commemorate the commitment, perseverance and love that got you to that milestone. Nearly one third of all adults in the United States don’t even opt for marriage, and of those that do say “I do”, about 40% will end in divorce . If you make it through the first 8 years of marriage, you’ve made it over the hump and your marriage, statistically, will go the distance. That is absolutely a reason to give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate!

Reasons to Renew Wedding Vows

Most marriages have their share of ups and downs if the couple has been together for any length of time. If the marriage has been mostly “up”, why not shout it to the world? Go ahead and share your happiness with friends and family, sometimes family that wasn’t even born the first time around. If, on the other hand, the marriage has suffered more “downs”, or circumstances have been difficult, re-affirming commitment to each other is a great approach. Renewal of vows can shore up a marriage, providing a clean canvas and allowing the couple to acknowledge what is really important in their lives.

Of course, there’s no better place to renew your marriage vows than at our beautiful beach-side resort, Rondel Village. Read what one couple had to say about their vows renewal experience with us.
renewing wedding vows in Jamaica

Have the Celebration You Wanted the First Time Around

Sometimes renewing marriage vows is more about correcting a deficiency in the past. First time marriage celebrations can end up seeming more for others than for the happy couple. The romantic, starry-eyed intentions of the couple in love need to navigate the quagmire of parental, financial or social pressures and, quite often, get at least partially sidetracked. A renewal of vows offers a chance to rectify the earlier shortcomings, whatever they were. After a number of years together, couples have grown into being a couple, are more aware of what type of celebration would suit them best, and often have more money to do it right this time around.

Hassle-Free Planning

We’ve seen people renew their marriage vows for all sorts of reasons at Rondel Village. But in any case, nobody wants it to be a hassle. Rondel Village facilitates the planning process with dedicated pages on our website outlining the steps and documents required. Even so, it is wise to start early. We fill up quickly. Ceremonies must be booked at least 60 days before the requested date. We have various wedding packages, covering different venues, reception arrangements and flowers. You will work with our wedding coordinator to choose the arrangements that suit you best.

Monty and Melissa started planning a full year before:

We started the planning process during our trip last February. We made basic plans then and then did everything else by email. We would have 4 other couples with us, including my brothers and their wives and two of my good friends and their wives.

While it is not necessary to start as early as Monty and Melissa, we do recommend allowing plenty of time. They continue:

Of course, staying at Rondel Village is a pleasure in and of itself, even without a renewal of marriage vows. But for this special occasion, understandably, everything needs to be perfect. You can count on the Rondel Village staff to provide the excellent, personalized service that will make the experience memorable in a good way for a long, long time.

The vow renewal ceremony on the beach could not have gone better, the staff at the hotel did a great job. It really turned out better than we could have ever hoped and for the money that we paid it was really a bargain.

reasons to renew wedding vows

Renew your vows with us

If you’d like more information about renewing your vows here in Jamaica with us, reach out any time.

Ackee and Saltfish Recipe

Ackee and Saltfish Recipe & History

Ackee and Saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish, as we’ve written about in the past on our blog. We proudly serve it in our restaurant to rave reviews from our guests, many of whom have never tasted anything like it before. In fact, so many of our guests have asked for our delicious Ackee and Saltfish recipe that we decided to share it here along with a bit of its history. We are thrilled to give you the opportunity to bring a taste of Jamaica right into your home!

The History of Ackee and Saltfish in Jamaica

open ackee fruit with arilliNeither ackee nor salt cod is native to Jamaica, but they are both intimately entwined with Jamaican history. It’s the marriage of these two foods that makes them so uniquely Jamaican and so emblematic of the taste of Jamaica. Both ackee and salt cod arrived in Jamaica in the 18th century and both have connections to the slave trade.

African Roots

Ackee came from Ghana, most likely on a slave ship in the mid 1700s. The name, ackee, is similar to it’s original name in the Ghanaian Twi language: ankye. The ackee evergreen tree thrives here, growing as tall as 50 ft (15.24m) and bearing clusters of fruit that resemble large red peppers. When ripe, the fruit splits open to reveal 3 or 4 sections of cream-colored arilli sitting on top of a bed of large, shiny black seeds. The arilli look somewhat like a brain, hence one of the common names of the fruit: the Vegetable Brain. This is the edible portion. Care must be taken to consume only the arilli of the fully ripe fruit as the unripe fruit is poisonous. Canned ackee is also available.

Saltfish (or salt fish, depending where you’re from) arrived in Jamaica about the same time as ackee, also through the slave trade, as a cheap source of protein that could survive the trip across the Atlantic. 

This method of fish preservation is extremely practical in Jamaica’s hot, humid climate and transformed the local diet.

Ackee and Saltfish is usually served for breakfast. Soaked saltfish and ackee arilli are sautéed together with vegetables and seasonings and served alongside boiled green bananas, yam and  jonnycakes (flour, a little baking powder & salt & water).   This is mixed together, twirled and fried.

Ackee turns a bright yellow when it is done and resembles (but doesn’t taste like) scrambled eggs. Without further delay, here’s our recipe.

Rondel Village’s Ackee & Saltfish Recipe

  • Cut up onions, scallion, sweet pepper & hot pepper, saute in a frying pan
  • Rinse saltfish with hot water to remove excess salt
  • Blanch fresh ackees after removing the seeds
  • Add saltfish & ackee to onions, etc. in frying pan & stir fry lightly
  • Remove when ackee is soft but not mushy
  • Serve with green banana or yam, plantain & Johnny cakes

Enjoy! We are getting hungry just writing about it!

How did our Ackee and Saltfish Recipe Taste?

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pristine beach

Why Sustainable Tourism Makes Sense

Much of the tourism industry around the world, and certainly in the Caribbean, relies on beautiful, pristine environments and clean water to attract visitors. Who, after all, wants to get away from it all and go stay in a polluted garbage dump? And yet,  the hospitality industry is very energy intensive, and often polluting —think of all the food waste, the single-use plastics, the need for multiple loads of laundry and the essential swimming pools. All together, hospitality industries add more than their share to world pollution.

In fact, food waste accounts for about 35% of all food purchased by a hotel. The typical tourist generates more than 1 kg of waste every day and generally uses more water than local residents, as they expect amenities such as swimming pools, lush gardens and golf courses. This can have serious consequences in developing countries and places where water availability is scarce.

Additionally, coastal areas need to content with the pollution from cruise ships as well. Indeed, studies have shown cruise ships dispose of a staggering 150,000 gallons of sewage into the ocean per weak. This wasteful disregard for the environment impacts the tourist industry by damaging coral reefs, both through pollution and activities such as snorkeling or diving in these sensitive ecosystems. This is why sustainable tourism is the best way forward.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism is an integrated approach to sustainability that aims to decrease the tourism industry’s negative impact on the environment and local culture. A sustainable approach to tourism aims to increase the industry’s positive impact for local development and employment – all while providing an excellent experience for visitors.

Providing Service While Being Environmentally Conscious

Travellife Gold Award Sustainability in Tourism

At Rondel, Village our Environmental Management System ensures that all our operations adhere to our strict environmental standards while maintaining visitor and staff satisfaction, excellent relations with the community, and our financial viability.

Our goal is to provide a stellar experience for our customers and fulfill their desire for comfort and convenience, while reducing our negative impact on the environment. Some resorts may give sustainability lip service; we live by it. We respect our guests while also respecting our environment, employees, local culture and strive to reduce consumption and waste. 

As recognition of our commitment to environmental sustainability we’re proud to have won the Travel Gold Award  for Sustainability in Tourism for 2016-18 among other awards. We have implemented sound environmental practices in the management of our hotel since 1998 and are strong proponents of sustainable tourism as we demonstrate through our sustainability program.  It just makes sense for everybody and the environment as well — both in the short and long term.

Small and Big Actions Sustainable Add Up

Sustainable tourism takes commitment but is really a series of choices when a lot of small and bigger actions add up. It’s something as small as making use of the backside of printed paper for note-taking. It’s choosing to install tinted UPVC windows. Bigger choices are investing in rainwater harvesting and solar water heating. It’s installing sophisticated low water consumption toilets and inverter A/C units which use 50% less electricity. The products we choose to use in our hotel are all “environmentally friendly”, in terms of content, packaging, and ease of recycling and disposal.  We buy local wherever possible, operating our own greenhouse to supplement the food we buy from local farmers and fishermen. It all makes a difference.

Commitment to Sustainability by Staff, Guests and Partners

Rondel Village greenhouse

A look at the bell peppers growing in our on-site greenhouse. We source locally whenever we can.

We train our staff and encourage participation as part of our sustainability efforts — and this includes educating our guests as well. Our environment policy is prominently displayed and attendants explain the proper use of the air conditioning and other services and amenities to our guests. We also support local initiatives. For example, we are an active member of Negril Environmental and Protection Trust, among other environmentally-friendly associations.

Through all these actions we hope to preserve the beauty of Jamaica, increase the quality of life for her people, and deliver an exceptional experience for her visitors – for generations to come.

Rondel Village’s Sustainable Practices

Read more about our sustainable practices. You are, of course, welcome to visit Rondel Village and experience our sustainable practices in person.

Rondel Village awards

Rondel Village Wins 2018 Guest Review Award

Rondel Village awardsRondel Village is pleased to announce it has won the 2018 Guest Review Award with a guest score of 8.8 out of 10.

The guest review score climbed from 8.6 in 2017 to 8.8 in 2018, which reflects the high satisfaction rate among the thousands of guests from all over the world who make their way to Rondel Village in Negril, Jamaica year after year.

Upon receiving the award, Rondel Village General Manager Carolyn Wright said, “We are so excited to know that our guests are happy with Rondel Village and continue to visit on a regular basis. It is even more encouraging to see that our score on has increased to 8.8 in 2018 from 8.6 in 2017. We wish to thank our guests for their support over the years and we look forward to hosting you again in 2019.”

On presenting the award, said “This award is in recognition of your hard work day after day, guest after guest. It shows how much your guests appreciate you, and how lucky we are to call you our partner.” Rondel Village guests and others are invited to share the award with the hashtag #GuestsLoveUs .

This latest achievement joins a growing list of Rondel Village awards earned from various travel websites, which further validates the importance of guest satisfaction to Rondel Village’s management and staff. To learn more about Rondel Village, please visit