Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a restaurant and bar on property?

Yes, Rondel Restaurant and bar is located by the beach.

  • Do you have safe deposit box in the rooms?

Yes, we have safes in the room which is an additional cost of US$3.00 per day.

  • Do you have wireless internet at the hotel?

Yes, we do have wireless internet on property and it is free for hotel guests

  • Do you have security guards at the hotel in the day and night?

Yes, we provide 24 hours security

  • Do you provide beach towels at the hotel?

Yes, we do have beach towels at the hotel. You will get a beach towel card upon arrival which  you will give to the security who is located on the beach and you will receive towels in exchange.

  • Do you provide beach umbrellas for the guests?

No, we do not provide umbrellas for the beach.

  • Do you have an internet café at the hotel?

Yes, we have an internet café in the lobby and it is free for use.

  • Do you have any policy regarding visitors?

All visitors must be registered at the front desk and they must leave an I.D. Each guest is required to sign a visitor’s slip along with the visitor and it attracts a fee of US$20.00.  The visitor pass runs from 10:00am – 9:00pm.

  • Do all the rooms have a refrigerator?

Yes all the room and villas have refrigerators

  • Do you provide transportation for guests?

Yes we do arrange shuttle and private transportation for guests.

  • Does the resort have a pool and Jacuzzi?

Yes the hotel has two pools and two Jacuzzis. A pool and a Jacuzzi on the garden side of the property and a pool and a Jacuzzi on the beach side of the property.

  • Where is the nearest supermarket or mini mart?

The nearest mini mart is 10 minutes walk from the hotel, other supermarkets are in town and will take about 5 minutes drive.

  • Where are the rooms located on the property?

Rooms are located on both sides of the property. The garden side (across from the beach) and on the beach side.

  • Do you have coffee makers in the rooms?

No we do not have coffee makers in the rooms but one can be rented at an additional cost of US$3.00 per day. This does not include coffee

  • How many meals does the housekeeper cook per day in the villa?

The housekeeper will cook one meal per day, the guest will need to provide the food.