Upgrading 2017

Our annual refurbishing of the Beachside Villas and Room blocks will continue this year starting on September 11, with the plan to complete the third two/three bedroom villa building upgrade along with a few items in the last villa building.   We also plan to upgrade the changing rooms in our staff facilities.  The works include upgrading the balcony doors and windows to new PVC weather resistant sliding glass doors and windows with screens.  Villa master bathrooms will have new vessel basins along with new cabinetry, new showers with rain shower heads, new sliding glass shower doors, wall tiling and accessories.  Villa bedrooms will have new closet doors with mirrors; villa verandahs will be retiled and extended to create a larger deck for the newly refurbished private whirlpool spas. Rooms above the villas will also be refurbished. Balcony and staircase railings have already been replaced with new aluminum epoxy coated rustproof railings, and a number of new energy efficient Inverter type Air Condition units have also been installed. Villas and rooms will be attractively decorated with new drapes and soft furnishings in theme colors to match the room names.

We expect to complete the upgrading by the end of October and will try our very best to keep the noise level and any other disturbances to a minimum.  Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to seeing you again soon.