Information regarding Visitors to Rondel Village Guests

Revised June 15, 2016

We have updated our policy relating to our guests receiving visitors, in order to continue to deliver excellent service and ensure the safety and security of you, our valued clients.

The new procedures are as follows:

All visitors on arriving at the property, must register with the Front Desk.

Guests who would like their visitor (s) to come onto the property, will be required to pay a US$20.00 cover charge per person. This charge will cover a Day Pass (Orange arm band), which is valid between the hours of 10:00 am and 9:00 pm, allowing the visitor the use of the facilities.   The US$20.00 fee can be used towards food and beverage purchases at Rondel Restaurant and Bar.

Guests will be required to sign in their visitors at the Front Desk where they will complete a Visitor Slip stating their name, room name and name of their visitor.

The Front Desk Agent will collect an Identification card from the visitor which will be kept at the Front Desk until the visitor is leaving. Please note that a valid identification card is required for each visitor for check-in/registration.

The Front Desk Agent will also place an orange arm band on the left arm of the visitor.

On departure from the hotel, the visitor will return to the Front Desk where the agent will remove the arm band and return their identification card.

Note that if persons are visiting every day, they would need to sign in each day, leave their ID, pay the US$20.00 fee and receive a new armband.

We believe that these new and improved measures will better serve to protect you and your visitors, and enhance your great “Jamaican Escape” at Rondel Village.