Jamaia's National Dish

Jamaica’s National Dish

Rondel Village is excited to share a few photos one of our guests sent us of their favorite meals they enjoyed while staying with us. For more information on our restaurant click here.

Ackee and Saltfish

Ackee and Saltfish is Jamaica’s National Dish. Everyone loves this traditional meal. It is a must have when coming to visit Rondel Village.

ackee and saltfish

What is ackee you may ask?

It is a fruit that grows on trees here locally in Jamaica and as it ripens turns from green to red and then splits open revealing it’s ripeness inside. The Ackee, also called Vegetable Brain, Achee, or Akee Apple is a member of the lychee family.

ackee Jamaica

Our Ackee and Saltfish plate is served with boiled green bananas and yam along with JohnnyCakes.

JohnnyCake is a staple food prepared frequently here in Jamaica. It is a cornmeal flatbread. The yam and bananas are grown locally here in Jamaica. Boiled green bananas are another popular Jamaican side.  The green banana is treated more as a vegetable than a fruit, and it is most often prepared and used in dishes much as Americans use potatoes. It is served boiled as a side with your meal.

green banana Jamaica

This dish is great when paired with a cup of our Jamaican grown Blue Mountain Coffee which is ranked as one of the best in the world! Get our ackee and saltfish recipe and bring Jamaican cuisine home with you.

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