3 ways Rondel Village can help your keep your New Years resolutions.

3 Ways Rondel Village Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

If keeping to your 2020 New Year’s resolutions means a beachfront vacation at Rondel Village is out of the question, keep reading. Let us show you three simple ways you can keep your New Year’s resolutions and experience a dream trip to Rondel Village. In this article, we are going to show you exactly how planning a Jamaican dream vacation at Rondel Village can be a fantastic experience while remaining New Year’s resolution friendly. 

After all, shouldn’t a New Year’s resolution be about improving your life and discovering new things, not just about restricting unhealthy indulgences? What’s a better place to implement positive changes than on a healthy and adventuresome vacation to Rondel Village’s beachfront resort?

At Rondel Village, we’ve rounded up top New Year’s resolutions people make every year. And, we are going to show you how to incorporate them into your next dream vacation at our premier resort.

To learn how simple planning a new-years-resolution-friendly vacation can be, reading our following ideas and tips.

Top Resolution #1: Health and Wellness

It’s no secret that each year millions resolve to make healthy living an important priority as part of their new year plans. For some, that means becoming more physically active and focusing on a new exercise plan. For others, health-conscious resolutions are more about diet, nutrition, and food selections. At Rondel Village, our guests can easily maintain their health-conscious lifestyle while at our premier resort, regardless of the season.

Fitness First

Stay on top of your New Year workout regime while staying in one of Rondel Village’s beachfront rooms. Take a sunrise jog along the renowned white sands of 7-Mile Beach, just outside our property. Bring your yoga gear for a quiet sunset stretch on the beach or beside one of our two pools in our lush, peaceful gardens. 

For those who want a new challenge that’s physically engaging, try one of the many eco-adventure tours offered in the area. Take in an epic ziplining experience, trek through the tropical jungle to view spectacular waterfalls, or swim with the sea life on a chartered snorkeling experience. Regardless of your preferred workout, at Rondel Village, there’s something for everyone.

Food for Health

Eating good tasting food that’s nutritious and wholesome is part of the Jamaican lifestyle. Which, is ideal for thosetray of ripe Ackee fruit on their dream vacation and opting for healthful food choices in 2020. Fresh produce and local ingredients are a year-round mainstay on the menus crafted by our skilled chefs at our Rondel Restaurant and Bar. For a tasty, regional, and health-conscious selection, try one of our specialty dishes like grilled lobster or, Jamaica’s national dish Ackee and Saltfish.


Top Resolution #2: Eco-Friendly Living

Climate change has taken center stage in the media during the last half of 2019. It’s expected that many will commit to making planet care a priority in their 2020 New Year’s resolutions. At Rondel Village, we couldn’t agree more. We expertly incorporate eco-friendly options in all of our guests dream vacation or destination wedding plans! Rondel Village is not just a premier resort in Negril; it’s also a leader in sustainable resort operating practices. Below are only two of the ways our resort is an ideal option for the eco-conscious traveler.

Climate Conscious Resort

Rondel Village has been following sustainable operating practices for over twenty years. Our resort’s sustainability program has earned the “Gold Certified for Accommodation Sustainability” by Travelife, an international standard in the resort sustainability practices. For more information on our sustainable resource program, click here. Guests that stay in any of our accommodation options can rest easy knowing their resort of choice is relaxing and easy on the environment.

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Destination Weddings

Destination weddings can be dreamy and good for our planet. How do we know? We’ve helped numerous couples plan beach weddings that are designed to meet their needs and be kind to the earth. We specialize in sustainable resort practices at every level of our operations, including our customizable wedding and event options. Dream weddings can be indulgent and eco-friendly when held at Rondel Village’s serene and private venue. Want more tips on planning an eco-friendly destination wedding? Learn here.


Top Resolution #3: Family First

Time spent with family is time well spent. The benefits of taking more time together as a family include increased togetherness, reduction in stress, and greater overall happiness. Let our family-friendly resort in the heart of Jamaica be your family’s place for experiencing unforgettable times together. Rondel Village is ideal for families of all sizes and situations looking for a warm and friendly destination. Families can choose from any of our accommodation options, including an exquisite and private self-catering villa. Our spacious villas provide more room than a standard resort room, perfect for family members of all ages and life stages.

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Make Rondel Village Part of Your New Year’s Resolution Experience

Rondel Village is a beautiful retreat located on the sandy shores of the world-famous 7-Mile Beach. We have everything you need to enjoy your time here while maintaining your commitment to your New Year’s resolutions. We are known for our exceptional hospitality services and our firm commitment to sustainability. For a dream destination wedding, family vacation, or romantic getaway, book your stay with Rondel Village.