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Last Minute Spring Specials are out! Last minute Spring Special final

Jaybird’s Restaurant & Bar is Open

Click the link to view our updates on the new Deck at Rondel Village Resort.

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National Heroes Day in Negril Jamaica

Beach Bar Upgrade

Greetings from Rondel Village Resort & Spa,

From mid September to late October 2022 we will be extending the deck of our Beach Bar. During the improvement works the Beach Bar will be temporarily relocated inside the Restaurant.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused while we upgrade our amenities for you our valued guests.

Our Spa is Open and available for you to book your next Spa Day.
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Our Chefs are ready to take your Villa experience to another level cooking the cuisine of your choice while you enjoy the Beach, Jacuzzi or just relax.

5 Key Tips To Get the Most From Your Romantic Beach Getaway

Does a romantic beach getaway with your partner sound good right about now? A trip for just the two of you, to completely relax and indulge in your relationship? If now is the time to turn your dream of a couple’s only retreat into a reality, you’re in the right place. We have everything you need to start planning a beachfront, tropical vacation that’s simply ideal for you and your romantic companion.

In this article, we have 5 key tips that will help every romance-seeking couple get the most from their romantic beach getaway!

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Learn about our award-winning sustainability program.

How do we know? At Rondel Village, a sustainable Negril resort, we regularly host honeymoons, destination weddings, and heaps of happy couples. In fact, we’ve been catering to romance-seekers for over thirty years! While we’re not experts on your relationship, we have learned a few tips that couples can use to perfectly craft a memorable time together.

We’re about to share our expert tips with you! Below are great ideas for couples that you don’t want to miss.

Taking in spectacular sunset views from the world-famous 7-Mile beach or, feasting on exquisitely prepared Jamaican food, are two MUST-DO’s while in Negril. But, we’ve learned those experiences alone won’t guarantee a couple that “perfect” vacation experience.

Neither will a couples-only treatment at Rondel Village’s luxury spa ensure a couple’s time together is magical, despite the intimate setting and enticing benefits.

What we do suggest to couples to get the most out of their intimate vacation together is this:  plan an experience that is as compatible with your interests and values as the two of you are for each other. 

Sounds simple, but how is that done? Keep reading to find out. Below are easy ideas to help couples plan a Negril vacation together that satisfies all their desires!

Choose A Resort That Shares Your Values

Is eco-friendly living important to both you and your partner? Do you like the idea of supporting a business that seeks to deter child exploitation in tourism? Or one that also prefers sustainable, renewable options over wasteful ones?

Feel the romance of relaxing on a white-sand beach together.

If you replied yes to any of those questions, then take a closer look at Rondel Village. Our sustainable Negril resort has abided by sustainable resort management practices since opening. Staying at a resort that pampers you and upholds your core beliefs is a great way to set a solid foundation for a relationship strengthening experience.

Try a New Experience Together

In Jamaica, there are many unique experiences available that you and your partner may not have tried before. Or, maybe there’s something you have tried, but haven’t done together? In Negril, there’s something for everyone, and doing something new together is a great way to connect with your partner on a new level.

Need ideas? Consider zip-lining in a jungle, snorkeling from a glass-bottom boat, or take the plunge off a cliff together! For more great ideas, click here.

Minimize the WiFi

Commit to quality time with your partner while on your romantic beach vacation. One idea to heat-up things as a couple is to reduce the time spent on your phone and other electronic devices. Leave the laptop turned off and put your phone in sleep mode. Focus on connecting with your partner, not your device.

Rondel Village is perfect for couples to tune out the wifi and tune in to each other.

In Jamaica, there’s more fun to have with your eyes and hands than by staring at a screen or text messaging, if you know what we mean…

Do Your Own Thing

Too much of a good thing can be, well, too much! If maintaining that dreamy love connection with your partner starts to feel a bit overwhelming, it might be time to take a break from each other. Even if it’s just for a minute.

A bit of uninterrupted “me” time is great for a couple to recharge, regroup, and relax with the help of a little bit of distance. Try planning an afternoon away from each other, doing things you both know the other won’t mind missing out. Then, reconnect over dinner with some authentic Jamaican fare.

Ready for an Unforgettable Romantic Retreat?

To get the most out of a romantic vacation by choosing a location that cares for the same things you do. For the eco-savvy travelers, select Rondel Village. We are a sustainable Negril resort with beachfront access to one of the best beaches in the world! Our commitment to our patrons and exceptional standard of service creates loyal guests that return to Rondel Village each year.

We hope to see you soon!

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