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Rondel Village spa

6 Top Reasons You Need a Rondel Village Spa Treatment

People come to Negril to get a break from their fast-paced routines; to refuel their spirits and restore their strength.

Why Negril? Because, vacation-goers seeking a relaxing vibe, warm Caribbean sun, and picture-perfect sandy beaches know Negril, Jamaica, is the destination that doesn’t disappoint. The region’s spectacular sunsets, welcoming culture, and numerous activities are why tourists seek the paradise of Negril, year after year.

What better way to recharge, refresh, and improve your well-being than with top-of-the-line spa treatments at Negril’s premier spa? Consider Rondel Village’s top reasons why indulging in a spa treatment during your Negril vacation should be a must on your vacay’s itinerary!

flop flops on the beach

Beach Ready Toes… at the Beach!

Take one of your trip planning tasks off your list. Wait until you arrive in Negril to have a delightful foot treatment for flip-flops and sandal-ready toes. Book your pedicure for shortly after you arrive to maximize your experience. How? Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment while you adjust from being travel-weary and jet lag. It’s a win-win!

Boost Your Relaxation Factor

Jamaica is renowned for being a bit more laid back and easy going than elsewhere. It’s important when you’re in Negril to take in as much of the chill culture as you can. Before returning to the hustle and routine of non-island life, be sure to immerse your senses with a massage, body treatment, or any other amazing spa sessions – some of which are available cheaper during one of our seasonal specials.

Recover From Adventure Activities

Are you a thrill-seeker who’s eager to check out the more adventurous sides of Negril? If so, once your adrenaline rush is over take a trip to Rondel Village’s spa! Relieve aching muscles or sore spots you may have incurred during an adventure excursion with a rejuvenating spa treatment. 

a couple have a massageShare a Romantic Experience at the Rondel Village Spa

Couples can’t help but choose Negril as a favored location to holiday and reconnect with each other. Before stepping onto the famous 7 Mile beach for one of Negril’s legendary sunsets, share a private treatment together. Couples treatments are an indulgent and memorable way to experience your time together in Negril.

Allow Yourself to be Pampered

While in Negril, allow yourself to be taken care of. Enjoy the expertise of the friendly and experienced spa technicians while you lay back and  just…relax. Let go of any tension or stress you may have while you undergo a hot stone massage, a deluxe facial, or any other treatment you prefer. Vacation is the right time to put yourself first, while in Negril, be sure to take full advantage!

Fuel for the Home Trip

Before heading on your long trip home, take one last opportunity to soak in some relaxation. Get plane-ready with a body treatment that will leave your skin looking as refreshed and relaxed as you feel! Go home with a “just-after-spa” glow in addition to the fond memories we’re sure you’re taking with you.

lotions for spaSpa Treatment: A MUST on Your Negril Vacation

Your time in Negril should be an experience that’s all about you. Let go of your stresses with a soothing massage, an invigorating body scrub, or any deluxe treatment on Rondel Village’s spa menu. After you’ve had an amazing spa experience, keep your sense of serenity with some of our other tranquil amenities. Unwind in the turquoise waters, re-fuel by sampling genuine Jamaican fare, or check-out some popular attractions nearby. 

However you choose to spend your time in Negril, be sure it’s an experience that meets your needs.


Rondel Village is a premier resort destination favored by Jamaica’s vacationers for over thirty years. A family-run business, Rondel Village is the perfect location for experiencing the beauty, culture, and friendly people of Negril, Jamaica. Contact the vacation experts at Rondel Village and start planning your dream vacation today!