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Why Sustainable Tourism Makes Sense

Much of the tourism industry around the world, and certainly in the Caribbean, relies on beautiful, pristine environments and clean water to attract visitors. Who, after all, wants to get away from it all and go stay in a polluted garbage dump? And yet,  the hospitality industry is very energy intensive, and often polluting —think of all the food waste, the single-use plastics, the need for multiple loads of laundry and the essential swimming pools. All together, hospitality industries add more than their share to world pollution.

In fact, food waste accounts for about 35% of all food purchased by a hotel. The typical tourist generates more than 1 kg of waste every day and generally uses more water than local residents, as they expect amenities such as swimming pools, lush gardens and golf courses. This can have serious consequences in developing countries and places where water availability is scarce.

Additionally, coastal areas need to content with the pollution from cruise ships as well. Indeed, studies have shown cruise ships dispose of a staggering 150,000 gallons of sewage into the ocean per weak. This wasteful disregard for the environment impacts the tourist industry by damaging coral reefs, both through pollution and activities such as snorkeling or diving in these sensitive ecosystems. This is why sustainable tourism is the best way forward.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism is an integrated approach to sustainability that aims to decrease the tourism industry’s negative impact on the environment and local culture. A sustainable approach to tourism aims to increase the industry’s positive impact for local development and employment – all while providing an excellent experience for visitors.

Providing Service While Being Environmentally Conscious

Travellife Gold Award Sustainability in Tourism

At Rondel, Village our Environmental Management System ensures that all our operations adhere to our strict environmental standards while maintaining visitor and staff satisfaction, excellent relations with the community, and our financial viability.

Our goal is to provide a stellar experience for our customers and fulfill their desire for comfort and convenience, while reducing our negative impact on the environment. Some resorts may give sustainability lip service; we live by it. We respect our guests while also respecting our environment, employees, local culture and strive to reduce consumption and waste. 

As recognition of our commitment to environmental sustainability we’re proud to have won the Travel Gold Award  for Sustainability in Tourism for 2016-18 among other awards. We have implemented sound environmental practices in the management of our hotel since 1998 and are strong proponents of sustainable tourism as we demonstrate through our sustainability program.  It just makes sense for everybody and the environment as well — both in the short and long term.

Small and Big Actions Sustainable Add Up

Sustainable tourism takes commitment but is really a series of choices when a lot of small and bigger actions add up. It’s something as small as making use of the backside of printed paper for note-taking. It’s choosing to install tinted UPVC windows. Bigger choices are investing in rainwater harvesting and solar water heating. It’s installing sophisticated low water consumption toilets and inverter A/C units which use 50% less electricity. The products we choose to use in our hotel are all “environmentally friendly”, in terms of content, packaging, and ease of recycling and disposal.  We buy local wherever possible, operating our own greenhouse to supplement the food we buy from local farmers and fishermen. It all makes a difference.

Commitment to Sustainability by Staff, Guests and Partners

Rondel Village greenhouse

A look at the bell peppers growing in our on-site greenhouse. We source locally whenever we can.

We train our staff and encourage participation as part of our sustainability efforts — and this includes educating our guests as well. Our environment policy is prominently displayed and attendants explain the proper use of the air conditioning and other services and amenities to our guests. We also support local initiatives. For example, we are an active member of Negril Environmental and Protection Trust, among other environmentally-friendly associations.

Through all these actions we hope to preserve the beauty of Jamaica, increase the quality of life for her people, and deliver an exceptional experience for her visitors – for generations to come.

Rondel Village’s Sustainable Practices

Read more about our sustainable practices. You are, of course, welcome to visit Rondel Village and experience our sustainable practices in person.