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Monty and Melissa wedding vows renewal Rondel Village

Say “I do” Yet Again: Renewing Wedding Vows

For married couples, there are many reasons to renew their marriage vows. Indeed, they are as varied and unique as the couples themselves. Perhaps the first ceremony was a hasty civil marriage, or maybe the marriage is becoming weary, lackluster and is needing some romance — or maybe the couple just wants to rejoice in their continuing love.

In any case, renewing marriage vows is a hot trend these days, and many choose to echo the beauty of their marriage by celebrating in beautiful surroundings. That’s where Rondel Village comes in. Monty and Melissa recently renewed their marriage vows at Rondel Village and had this to say: “Rondel is our place, we’ve stayed there many, many times. So when it came time to plan our 25th wedding anniversary celebration on the beach there was no question of where it was going to be.” Their spectacular celebration, surrounded by good friends, and warmed by the Jamaican sun and the calming sound of the waves, was truly worthy of honoring this milestone in their lives.
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Celebrate Your Silver or Gold Anniversary in Style

A silver or gold anniversary are certainly reasons to commemorate the commitment, perseverance and love that got you to that milestone. Nearly one third of all adults in the United States don’t even opt for marriage, and of those that do say “I do”, about 40% will end in divorce . If you make it through the first 8 years of marriage, you’ve made it over the hump and your marriage, statistically, will go the distance. That is absolutely a reason to give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate!

Reasons to Renew Wedding Vows

Most marriages have their share of ups and downs if the couple has been together for any length of time. If the marriage has been mostly “up”, why not shout it to the world? Go ahead and share your happiness with friends and family, sometimes family that wasn’t even born the first time around. If, on the other hand, the marriage has suffered more “downs”, or circumstances have been difficult, re-affirming commitment to each other is a great approach. Renewal of vows can shore up a marriage, providing a clean canvas and allowing the couple to acknowledge what is really important in their lives.

Of course, there’s no better place to renew your marriage vows than at our beautiful beach-side resort, Rondel Village. Read what one couple had to say about their vows renewal experience with us.
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Have the Celebration You Wanted the First Time Around

Sometimes renewing marriage vows is more about correcting a deficiency in the past. First time marriage celebrations can end up seeming more for others than for the happy couple. The romantic, starry-eyed intentions of the couple in love need to navigate the quagmire of parental, financial or social pressures and, quite often, get at least partially sidetracked. A renewal of vows offers a chance to rectify the earlier shortcomings, whatever they were. After a number of years together, couples have grown into being a couple, are more aware of what type of celebration would suit them best, and often have more money to do it right this time around.

Hassle-Free Planning

We’ve seen people renew their marriage vows for all sorts of reasons at Rondel Village. But in any case, nobody wants it to be a hassle. Rondel Village facilitates the planning process with dedicated pages on our website outlining the steps and documents required. Even so, it is wise to start early. We fill up quickly. Ceremonies must be booked at least 60 days before the requested date. We have various wedding packages, covering different venues, reception arrangements and flowers. You will work with our wedding coordinator to choose the arrangements that suit you best.

Monty and Melissa started planning a full year before:

We started the planning process during our trip last February. We made basic plans then and then did everything else by email. We would have 4 other couples with us, including my brothers and their wives and two of my good friends and their wives.

While it is not necessary to start as early as Monty and Melissa, we do recommend allowing plenty of time. They continue:

Of course, staying at Rondel Village is a pleasure in and of itself, even without a renewal of marriage vows. But for this special occasion, understandably, everything needs to be perfect. You can count on the Rondel Village staff to provide the excellent, personalized service that will make the experience memorable in a good way for a long, long time.

The vow renewal ceremony on the beach could not have gone better, the staff at the hotel did a great job. It really turned out better than we could have ever hoped and for the money that we paid it was really a bargain.

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Renew your vows with us

If you’d like more information about renewing your vows here in Jamaica with us, reach out any time.