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There’s Something For Everyone in Negril, Jamaica

As you plan your next trip, rest assured Negril, Jamaica is a top destination for travelers of all kinds. Wedding goers, adventure seekers, family vacationers, honeymooners and everyone in between will be satisfied by all the things to do in Negril.

For example, Negril is home to world-renowned attractions and entertainment venues. Negril has a delightful resort-friendly atmosphere with entertainment options that go beyond Jamaica’s breathtaking sunsets and epic beaches.

At Rondel Village, we want guests to experience the best Negril has to offer. Regardless of travel-style, there are experiences for all that infuse Jamaican culture, cuisine, and of course, it’s unparalleled beauty. For ideas on things to do in Negril while staying at Rondel Village, consider the following activities:

Negril Things to Do for the Adventure Enthusiast 

Ziplining near NegrilFor those that add adrenaline to their holiday to-do list, Negril has what thrill-seekers want. Engage and delight the senses with a Jamaican adventure; choose a heart-pounding experience that many adventure enthusiasts rave about. 

Indulge your adventurous spirit and at the same time explore the lush forests, entrancing waterfalls, that make up much of Jamaica’s rich, natural beauty. Some of our most popular adventure options are:

  • Trail Rides on Horseback. Meander through Jamaica’s lush forest while practicing your equine-riding skills. Get an up-close look at historic locations while exploring forested trails. For the real adventure seeker, take a dip with your horse in the warm waters of the Caribbean. 
  • Tubing. Floating down Jamaica’s Great River is an experience that should not be missed! Keep cool in your single-rider inner tube while being guided through waterfalls amidst the Great River’s gentle, tumbling waves.
  • Ziplining. Zip through the forest’s canopy at heights not for the faint of heart for an experience to both thrill and inspire your senses. While flying through the air, enjoy Jamaica’s lush forests from a viewpoint you won’t soon forget.

To book your epic Negril adventure experience, contact the tour experts at Rondel Village. Guests that stay at our award-winning sustainable resort are provided with transportation when choosing certain select tour options.

Family-Friendly Fun in Negril

Family vacations in Negril can become cherished family memories. Keep your family happy and entertained while experiencing the relaxing Jamaican ambiance. At Rondel Village, we recommend families try the following fun experiences:

  • Water and Adventure Park.  Enjoy an afternoon, or an entire day, of full-on family fun at Negril’s Kool Runnings Adventure park. From May to October Rondel Village’s guests can visit the kid-friendly park for a high-energy and unforgettable time. 
  • Beach Day. Indulge in a simple and enjoyable family day at the beach. Rondel Village visitors have only to walk a few steps from their guest room to arrive at a sandy, sun-drenched destination. 

Easy access to Negril’s famed 7 Mile Beach is available for all our guests. When staying at Rondel Village, the perfect place beach from which to play in the calm Caribbean waters or, construct epic sandcastles, is right outside your door.

Cruise for Crocs, Tour a Rum Estate on Horseback or Enjoy Waterfalls

Destination weddings, reunions, and other large travel groups often face the challenge of finding waterfalls near Negrilactivities that all can enjoy together. In Negril, that challenge is a non-issue. Many fantastic entertainment options will please your crowd; ideal for groups of varying size, age and composition.

When hosting a large group at Rondel Village, we recommend the following attractions to visit during your stay.

  • Crocodile Watching. Relax from the comfort and safety of a river-boat to enjoy Jamaican’s ecologically diverse wetlands. While floating along the calm waters of Jamaica’s Black River, take in the sights of numerous bird species, various mangrove trees, and keep watch for a sighting of the endangered American Crocodile! 
  • Plantation Tour. Discover the history and science behind Jamaican’s rum industry with an immersive tour at a renowned local rum estate. Complete with cocktails and complimentary tastings, a visit to Appleton Estate is sure to please everyone in your party. 
  • Waterfalls for the Win. Win over everyone in your group with a visit to one of Jamaica’s majestic and enchanting waterfalls. Visit one, or multiple, of Jamaica’s breathtaking waterfalls with your group during your vacation. An experience sure to refresh and invigorate everyone in your party.

Negril is Everyone’s Destination

Negril, Jamaica is a piece of paradise that we, at Rondel Village, are proud to boast. 

Because, in Negril, Jamaica, we know there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Relax on the beach as a family. Cruise through the forest on an ATV. Devour Jamaica’s national dish. Or, even tour historical estates while on horseback. Of course, this is only a fraction of all the things to do in Negril but these are all worth a try!

Guests staying at Rondel Village don’t have to leave if they don’t want too. We have everything on-site for a dream Caribbean experience. Food, spa services, beach, nightlife, and amazing hospitality. But, if you’re looking to venture a little bit beyond our borders, we’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

Rondel Village is a premier resort destination favored by Jamaica’s vacationers for over thirty years. A family-run business, Rondel Village is the perfect location for experiencing the beauty, culture, and friendly people of Negril, Jamaica. Contact the vacation experts at Rondel Village and start planning your dream vacation today!